Lucy (missbettenoire) wrote,

apathetic service with a limp handshake

so i went to a "Primary Care" clinic-type place today. and i mean, it was clean and legit and all, but i'm somewhat nonplussed with the whole experience. ok, i didn't expect to skip out of there singing, but... first and foremost, the doctor was like, "well, i don't see anything, but here's a prescription anyway." so i still don't know what is wrong with me, but hey hopefully whatever it is/n't will get better soon. but after the examination, he was done and i was sent to billing. hello? i have questions here. i would like to discuss this. he's at least supposed to go back over everything, including explaining the medication, how to use it, what to expect, and fucking ASK ME IF I HAVE ANY QUESTIONS.

was my GP back in maine just absolutely stellar, or am i right to expect and demand more comprehensive attention from a doctor? for some reason, i feel like i shouldn't stick up for myself because i don't have insurance. when did i buy into the bogus notion that not having health insurance makes me a second-class citizen? i still paid for their services--in fact, since i am paying for it ALL out-of-pocket, doesn't that give me more of a right to be assertive?

i can't wait to have health insurance.
Tags: adult. hood, ain't it hell to be poor, health insurance, rant

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