apathetic service with a limp handshake

so i went to a "Primary Care" clinic-type place today. and i mean, it was clean and legit and all, but i'm somewhat nonplussed with the whole experience. ok, i didn't expect to skip out of there singing, but... first and foremost, the doctor was like, "well, i don't see anything, but here's a prescription anyway." so i still don't know what is wrong with me, but hey hopefully whatever it is/n't will get better soon. but after the examination, he was done and i was sent to billing. hello? i have questions here. i would like to discuss this. he's at least supposed to go back over everything, including explaining the medication, how to use it, what to expect, and fucking ASK ME IF I HAVE ANY QUESTIONS.

was my GP back in maine just absolutely stellar, or am i right to expect and demand more comprehensive attention from a doctor? for some reason, i feel like i shouldn't stick up for myself because i don't have insurance. when did i buy into the bogus notion that not having health insurance makes me a second-class citizen? i still paid for their services--in fact, since i am paying for it ALL out-of-pocket, doesn't that give me more of a right to be assertive?

i can't wait to have health insurance.
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wednesday check in

well so. my first week at the new job is more than half over. i still don't know everything, and i'm still nervous, and i'm still constantly looking for outside validation (that i don't know that i'll get). but. i think i might be getting the hang of it. my biggest fear (aside the fear of being hit with a completely unforeseen curveball) is that i'll settle in and get comfortable, only to find i've been doing it all wrong from the get-go. or not doing enough. or that something will go wrong with the computer--our whole postage system is through there, and while i can operate InstaPostage and DAZzle just fine right now, i don't actually understand it, and would be totally fucked up the ass if something went really wrong.

there's also some incredible anxiety on my part about the whole Amazon marketplace. it makes me really nervous to know that, although it is my obligation to process and ship orders within 2 business days of receiving them, sometimes i NEED to wait until i've heard back from a customer before i can complete the order. maybe the merch is slightly different than how it was listed, or maybe there's a problem with the address they provided. so i'm not going to ship the stuff out until i've heard back from them--but what if they then give negative feedback or--even worse--file a claim against me?! a vendor can only have 5 claims filed against them before their account is deleted. omg--what the fuck would happen then? and there's already 1 claim on the record--granted, it wasn't during my tenure. and i suppose that's pretty good, considering we've been around for 2 years and have a 99% approval rating. still. if you order from Amazon, please do 2 things: 1) when you get an email from the vendor, READ IT. you might think it's just an automated response telling you your purchase is in the mail, but it might actually be a query that demands your attention; and 2) if you receive good service from a vendor, leave positive feedback. this does not mean it has to be stellar-delivery-to-your-front-door-with-a-smile service. but as long as nothing goes wrong, credit them. at the very least, do not leave negative feedback unless you totally get screwed.

ok, spiel over. also: if you're on MySpace, (and especially if you have any ATL connection whatsoever), you should add Criminal Records. not just because i work there, but because I AM their MySpace. ok, it's not totally me all the time, but for the most part, yeah, it is. or will be. i'm also thinking of doing something with facebook. they supposedly had an account at one point that they deleted or suspended or something, but i'm very much about starting that shit all over and making it awesome. that is, if i don't get fired. anyway,  keep your eyes peeled.

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despite the fact that tomatoes are a deadly nightshade, and therefore condoned by neither macrobiotic nor Ayurvedic dietary guidelines...

it is the right season, and the CDC has said that tomatoes are safe to eat again, so....should i make gazpacho or not?

Poll #1227333 let's call the whole thing off

should i make gazpacho?

hells yeah, "deadly nightshade" sounds kinda sexy
ew, no way