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apathetic service with a limp handshake
so i went to a "Primary Care" clinic-type place today. and i mean, it was clean and legit and all, but i'm somewhat nonplussed with the whole experience. ok, i didn't expect to skip out of there singing, but... first and foremost, the doctor was like, "well, i don't see anything, but here's a prescription anyway." so i still don't know what is wrong with me, but hey hopefully whatever it is/n't will get better soon. but after the examination, he was done and i was sent to billing. hello? i have questions here. i would like to discuss this. he's at least supposed to go back over everything, including explaining the medication, how to use it, what to expect, and fucking ASK ME IF I HAVE ANY QUESTIONS.

was my GP back in maine just absolutely stellar, or am i right to expect and demand more comprehensive attention from a doctor? for some reason, i feel like i shouldn't stick up for myself because i don't have insurance. when did i buy into the bogus notion that not having health insurance makes me a second-class citizen? i still paid for their services--in fact, since i am paying for it ALL out-of-pocket, doesn't that give me more of a right to be assertive?

i can't wait to have health insurance.

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omg this post really requires a "where do i even begin." so much so that i cant even. jesus, the extreme commodification of something so necessary and basic as health care really drives me nuts. i hope you're ok and your prescription helps rather than hurts and i'm sorry your doctor sounds like a real jackass.

BUT...i really love your fizgig-from-the-dark-crystal buddy icon...

fizgig > the current state of health care in our nation

I don't like the sound of this. Insurance or not, you have the right to ask questions about your own freaking exam, especially if they're prescribing something to you.
Are you going to get health insurance from Criminal? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. In the meantime, feel better!

my health care at Criminal is supposed to kick in after 3 months. i've been there for about a month so far. and unlike the promise of health care from Wordsmiths, i have to believe it's legit. they may be flaky and scatterbrained, but i think they try to do right by their employees. i don't know if the coverage is that great, but shit,as it is i paid $120 for that shitty visit. and another $65 for meds.

Hope your insurance kicks in soon and yeah, that doc sounds like a douche. My perspective is a bit different though, I've paid roughly $3300 for health insurance over the past two years and have gone to the doctor twice. Must need to get sick more often or something.

or you could at least see if you can get any fun prescriptions out of it.

whenever i think of how much it's going to suck to have a chunk taken out of my paycheck for insurance, i have to remind myself of my friend's uninsured boyfriend whose appendix burst, and the huge debt he was left with afterwards. or that unexpected ambulance ride russ needed (and had insurance for at the time). and considering i'd have to go to the hospital if i ever have an asthma attack...

Quite true, been rather fortunate to have not had any need of major medical care. Perhaps someday we will look at our pay stubs and see the taxes taking care of it but probably not unless FDR comes back from the dead.

oh god that would be AWESOME. do term limits still apply posthumously?

Term limits didn't stop him when he was alive, just hope he was buried with his crutches.

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